Ib theory of knowledge essay criteria

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Theory of knowledge (IB course)

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Theory of knowledge (IB course)

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Overview: The Theory of Knowledge is an interdisciplinary course designed to challenge students to develop the skills to analyze, reflect upon, and critique the bases of their accumulated knowledge and systems for processing and acquiring knowledge.

IB Theory of Knowledge Tutor. Home ; ToK Essay Tuition. Choosing your ToK essay title; IB ToK Essay Titles and Topics: May the different criteria by which we might judge events; the difference between practical and propositional knowledge. The presentation assesses the ability of the student to apply TOK thinking to a real-life situation, while the essay takes a more conceptual starting point.

For example, the essay may ask students to discuss the claim that the methodologies used to produce knowledge depend.

Theory of knowledge is assessed in two parts: an externally examined 1,–1, word essay and an internally assessed presentation.

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Each part is scored using assessment criteria (four criteria for the essay and four for the presentation) that describe levels of achievement (e.g.

It also includes a consideration of the latest examiners’ report, outlining some of the most common mistakes made by students in their essays.

The guide is co-written with Sue Bastian. Sue is a hugely inspirational and experienced IB educator, and was one of the central architects of the theory of knowledge course. The Title, the Knowledge Question (KQ), Requirements of the Grading Criteria, the Ways of Knowing or Areas of Knowledge, Ideas, and the Format of a Theory of Knowledge Essay.

Write a skeleton of your expected ToK essay.

Ib theory of knowledge essay criteria
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IB History: Theory of Knowledge