How to write a feature article examples

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How to Write an Article Analysis

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An example of a feature article and feature article writing tips from freelance writer Mike Dauplaise. Knowing how to write an article analysis paper involves formatting, critical thinking of the literature, a purpose of the article and evaluation of the author’s point of view.

At the heart of all feature stories is human interest. This lesson asks students to write a profile of a classmate, with a particular focus on a talent, interest, or passion of that classmate.

As an introduction to the feature article, students compare the characteristics of a hard news story to. 10 Article Headline Examples That Got Us 10 Million Readers By: David Write a headline that makes people do kind of a double take when they read it. Great article!! It’s really important pick the best tittle for an article or readers will ignore it.

Through your freelance journalism career you will become very close to your new friend: the feature article.

Human-interest story writing: Learning from newspapers

Unlike a news story that provides facts, a feature article digs deeper, giving your reader a more in-depth view of your topic or opinion. Write ups on relationships and enhancement of one’s personality is a huge rage in a feature article.

I read an article on lifestyle in a Daily Tabloid on how celebrities handle success and failure. It turned out to be a fairly good read because of the quotes given by celebs themselves.

How to write a feature article examples
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