Broad ripple park carousel essay

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Broad Ripple Park Carousel

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Broad Ripple Park Carousel, Indianapolis, Indiana. 9 likes · 50 were here.

Broad Ripple Park Carousel

Broad Ripple Park Carousel is an antique carousel in The Children's Museum of /5(K). The carousel's official name is the Broad Ripple Park Carousel. Built init used to be part of a theme park next to the White River.

Courtesy Children's Museum of. The most comprehensive history of the carousel can be found on the Broad Ripple Park Carousel article on Wikipedia! In a Wikipedia editor worked directly with the museum's curators to write the article, which received Featured status for its high-quality content.

The railroad arrived in Broad Ripple in and the following year, Broad Ripple Park was established on the land along the river banks and quickly became a mecca for swimming, boating and.

Jan 16,  · Broad Ripple Park is a acre park on the northeast side of Indianapolis, bordering the White River. It offers a wide variety of programs and activities for all ages, and welcomes an estimatedvisitors annually.

The Broad Ripple Park Carousel was also called the White City Carousel (named after the park where it was located). The musical organ in use today was originally used in a San Francisco amusement ride.

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